4 Home Security Mistakes You Can Fix For Free

Your home should be your secure fortress, but there are many common mistakes homeowners make and don't give a second thought to. Many security improvements won't cost you anything at all other than a change in your daily routine and habits, and they can make a world of difference in protecting your house and valuables from theft and damage. #1: Break Down Your Boxes These days, nearly everyone shops online. Boxes have a wealth of information on them, and they're easily accessible to people passing by if you just leave them on the curb.

Want Home Security? Keep It Affordable By Identifying Your Priorities

Home security is something that can cost thousands of dollars with a thorough system, including high-definition, night vision capable surveillance cameras looking at all entry doors and windows. But, you may be interested in improving home security, but while also avoiding an expensive process. To make this happen, you will want to spend some time deciding what your top priorities are regarding security: Choose the Most Susceptible Windows If you know that you want to put alarms on some of the entry points, you may not be able to afford to add them to all doors and windows.